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A huge Coca-Cola Investment Near BudapestFebruary 23rd, 2018

A huge Coca-Cola Investment Near Budapest
By 2020 Coca-Cola's Hungarian representation plans to build Central Europe's largest production headquarter. The company recently purchased a 13-acre property as a major development. According to plans Coca-Cola Hungary will expand its capacity to provide for domestic and export markets. "We believe in our strategy of consumerism, we trust the success of our products, and we are pushing our growth program. In 2017, therefore, we invested more than ever, 6 billion forints for investments, and this...


Budapest Continue to Tighten Home Remit for AirbnbJanuary 30th, 2018

Budapest Continue to Tighten Home Remit for Airbnb
Airbnb services have been further tightened - this time in Budapest. Many people believe that new regulation changes are clearly measures to make Airbnb operations more difficult. The allegations have their basis.   The whole affair started from the case that a constituency representative of Budapest (District 6) Lajos Oláh wanted to know if the government plans to modify the law on condominiums? He was only interested in having Airbnb service providers in condominiums mandated to provide...


5 World-Famous Films Shot in BudapestJanuary 10th, 2018

5 World-Famous Films Shot in Budapest
1. Evita (1996) Budapest transforms Buenos Aires into several scenes in the 1996 film. Keleti Railway Station, Szabadság Square, Andrássy Street - all of them are found in the superproduction. The leading role of Eva Peron is played by Madonna, supported by the play of Antonio Banderas. The composer is Andrew Lloyd Webber. Picture: "Don’t cry for me, Argentina", Madonna in Evita (1996) 2. Sunshine (1999) István Szabó's film won three European awards: for best male...


How to Keep the Rental Value of Your Budapest Property?December 7th, 2017

How to Keep the Rental Value of Your Budapest Property?
How to Keep the Rental Value of Your Budapest Property? Stay competitive on the changed market. Let’s see our latest case study. The rental market changed: tenants can choose from nicely renovated apartments with quality furniture. After few years of tenancy it might be necessary to invest into any investment property just to preserve the highest quality and rental value. This modern, duplex, more than 100 sqm, air conditioned apartment is located in the heart of Budapest, in district 5. It...


Multinational Company Expands in HungaryOctober 17th, 2017

Multinational Company Expands in Hungary
In addition to its existing plant in Hungary, a new factory will be available in the near future for the Belgian-owned Samsonite company. In Europe, there are three Samsonite plants: one in Belgium and now two in Hungary. The current development will have a beneficial effect on both the Hungarian and European economies.  The Belgian Samsonite N.V. purchased the Szekszárdi site of the Budapest-based Palace of Leather Goods Company in 1989. Now, next to the present factory in Szekszárd,...


Budapest is Still the Cheapest Capital City in the RegionSeptember 15th, 2017

Budapest is Still the Cheapest Capital City in the Region
Budapest's popularity in housing construction and home purchase remains unbroken. Although the price per square meter rises, the market has not yet reached its limits, so it is still expected that further developments and investments will take place. Based on the most recent analysis of, real estate purchase is the cheapest in Hungary, compared to the housing market of the other countries in the region. In the first quarter of 2017, the square meter price in Budapest was 361 thousand...