Frequently Asked Questions

1 Where can I send my children to school?

There are plenty of possibilities, depending on nationalities.

American International School of Budapest
phone: (+36 26) 556-000

Deutsche Schule Budapest
phone: (+36 1) 391-91-00

British International School Budapest
phone: (+ 36 1) 200 99-71, (+36 1) 200-84-88

Britannica International School
phone: (+36 1) 466-97-94

Budapest French School
phone: (+ 36 1) 275-42-96

Austrian Europa School
phone: (+36 1) 356-46-57

Budapest Japanese Supplementary School
phone: (+36 1) 200-88-56

Chinese School
1152 Budapest, Kavicsos köz 2-4.
phone: (+36 1) 418-27-00


American International School Budapest - Buda Campus
phone: (+36 26) 556-000

International School of Budapest
phone: (+36 1) 395-93-12

Hungarian British School Foundation

phone: (+36 1) 200-75-71/72/73

SEK International Institution
phone: (+36 1) 394-29-68

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2 What about the standard bills, e.g.: electricity, water, telephone, internet rates?

First of all, it is worth mentioning, that the common cost differs from the utility cost. Common cost generally involves: cost of sewage, garbage disposal, common electricity and water, cleaning and gardening.In case the property has sauna and swimming-pool, the common cost in most cases is over 200 EURO. Utility cost generally involves: cost of electricity, water, gas. Generally the telephone and internet rates are not included. Agreement should be made between the owner and the renter, regarding who should make the contract with the service provider.In Hungary, the most usual service providers are: cable phone and internet, TV: T-Com, UPC, etc. Generally the ADSL system is faster than ISDN. Upon request the owner can modify the system. The contract can be made in English as well, with the service provider.

3 What are the public transport possibilities like in Budapest?

In Budapest the public transport is like a cobweb network. You can easily reach all your desired destination. You may select metro, tram, suburban-railway, trolley-bus, or bus.

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4 What is the parking like in Budapest?

It is quite hard to find parking place on the streets downtown during weekdays. However there are deep garages for plenty of cars.Usually deep garages cost more, appr. 400-600 HUF /hour, but mostly you can find parking place anytime. On the streets, downtown, it costs 180-280 HUF/hour. External parts of Buda and Pest districts are free of charge.

5 What do I have do if I am a foreigner in case of illness?

In case of emergency, the Hungarian hospitals must give immediate assistance. In case you have special problem - depending on the type of insurance you have - you may go in any Hungarian public hospital.

However in Hungary there are wide range of private hospitals - it may happen that your insurance covers assistance in these hospitals or your company has contract with them, such as:

Telki Private Hospital

Buda Health Center

American Clinics International

6 Who pays the real estate agency's fee in case of rent?

Our service is free of charge for the renter. Our fee - 12%+VAT of yearly renting fee - is paid by the owner/developer.

7 Who pays real estate agency's fee in case of sale?

In Hungary the fee of sale is paid by the seller.

8 Who may I call or e-mail if I have any question?

In case of any request or further, more precise information please contact our office via phone: +(36 1) 326-99-99, +(36) 20 919 0005 weekdays from 9.00 am to 17.30 pm or via e-mail: . Our property consultants are pleased to help you.