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Hungarian family house market gaining strengthOctober 19th, 2015

Hungarian family house market gaining strength
In larger Hungarian cities the turnover of family houses increased by more than 10 percent while prices are slowly reaching the pre-crisis levels. In some parts of the country estates that are a few years old and are in a good condition are more expensive than newly built ones. Market of family houses in the Hungarian countryside is picking up speed, traffic and prices are both closing in on the levels they were on before the financial crisis hit. Compared to 2013 in some cities including Nyíregyháza,...


Fresh data shows housing prices skyrocketingSeptember 28th, 2015

Fresh data shows housing prices skyrocketing
Flats are getting more and more expensive, and based on the most recent data by FHB House Price Index the trend is accelerating. Nominal and real prices have both increased in the past quarter, with 8.2 and 9 percent respectively. Prices now are basically on the same level as they were in the first quarter of 2005 and at the end of 2010. Thanks to the increase in the past quarters average prices are currently only 10 percent less than they were when they were at their highest before the financial...


Is it worth it to legalize your rental?August 18th, 2015

Is it worth it to legalize your rental?
According to experts it is much more profitable to rent your estate legally for a number of reasons – and not just because you won't have to worry about paying heavy penalties. Signing a contract provides security for both the landlord and the tenant. If you have a valid contract, a great number of disputes can be settled quickly. If you don't have a signed contract, settling these can take a very long time – but if you do, you can even avoid conflicts before they arise. Leasing contracts...


Surprising Numbers from the Property MarketApril 27th, 2015

Surprising Numbers from the Property Market
Not a week can pass without some news about the rise of the property market. More and more apartments are bought, it got easier to sell, and prices also increased. The survey of IMF Global Housing Watch displayed the numbers of the property market using 5 graphs; which show some interesting data about the Hungarian market as well. House Price Index The current house price index is far from the pre-crisis level. Apartments today are 48.6 percent more expensive than 15 years ago. Price Index has been...


Good photos will sell your property – See some real examplesMarch 30th, 2015

Good photos will sell your property – See some real examples
How can you make sure that your property will attract attention? There is high competition in the online property market. People searching for flats browse long lists of property ads. Many owners think that pictures taken by a Smartphone are just good enough to advertise their properties.However, a property advertised with images were taken by a professional photographer do rent much faster. See below what a property looks like on a photo taken with a Smartphone, and on a picture taken by a professional.


Europe's Largest Safety Belt Factory to Be Built in HungaryMarch 4th, 2015

Europe's Largest Safety Belt Factory to Be Built in Hungary
Europe’s largest safety belt factory is to be built in Hungary, in Sopronkövesd. Swedish manufacturer Autoliv is building its new factory here, where 700 employees  will work in the future. A new, 15-thousand square-meter plant will be erected next to the current, 19-thousand square-meter one. The Company Increases the Rate of Its Hungarian Suppliers The construction is expected to be finished by 2018. The project costs HUF 11 billion; the Hungarian government provides a HUF 1.5-billion...