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Smart Parking System is Launched in Downtown BudapestSeptember 24th, 2019

Smart Parking System is Launched in Downtown Budapest
Smart parking has started in Budapest. In downtown, more specifically in the 5th district, there are 1,500 parking spaces available in the so-called Parker telephone application, primarily in the southern part of the district. A long-standing problem in downtown is parking, which the concept of the 5th district now seems to solve. District residents can park their vehicles partly in underground parking (with 300 owners already using this option) and partly use the new Parker app to simplify parking....


Watch the Trailer of the New Movie Filmed in BudapestSeptember 20th, 2019

Watch the Trailer of the New Movie Filmed in Budapest
Hungary has been a popular destination for filmmaking in recent years, whether it be art films or famous American productions. This time, The Song of Names was screened at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival on September 8th. Clive Owen and Tim Roth are the main characters in the film, directed by François Girard. Robert Lantos, the producer of this movie, is Hungarian-Canadian, and several other Hungarians have participated in the making. Co-producer Viktória Petrányi...


THE ECONOMIST: Budapest is the Most Livable City in Eastern-EuropeSeptember 20th, 2019

THE ECONOMIST: Budapest is the Most Livable City in Eastern-Europe
Every year The Economist compiles a list of cities in the world. They rank cities in terms of livability and publish the first 100. Budapest has become the most livable city in the Eastern-European region. The list of the British weekly can give Hungarians a reason to celebrate, as the capital has the title of the most livable city in the Eastern-European region, and it has a significant advantage compared to other capitals in this area. Each year, the Intelligence Unit staff compiles a list based...


Aston Martin Store will be Opened in BudapestAugust 26th, 2019

Aston Martin Store will be Opened in Budapest
The Aston Martin luxury car brand, a partner of the Gablini Group, will open a salon in Budapest in early 2020. It is exciting news for car enthusiasts in Hungary that the unique Aston Martin brand is opening a salon in Budapest. It is the only independent luxury car manufacturer in the world besides small manufactories. This will be Ferrari's direct rival, of which 9 cars have been sold in Hungary, according to Datahouse statistics. According to, however, this is not a fair value, as...


Why Budapest is the Hollywood of Europe?July 23rd, 2019

Why Budapest is the Hollywood of Europe?
In recent years, we have seen more and more movies filmed in Hungary on the cinema screen, and it is no coincidence. We could bump into superstars on the streets of Budapest like Jason Momoa, Scarlett Johansson, Will Smith or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hungary was the first to introduce a film tax allowance, and at the same time high-quality film studios were created in the capital. The architectural features of Budapest make it possible to represent different timezones and cities on the screen. Film...


Luxury is Still Affordable in BudapestApril 5th, 2019

Luxury is Still Affordable in Budapest
Knight Frank Real Estate Market Advisor has made a list of the cost of luxury properties in some cities around the world. The survey examined how many square meters can be purchased for one million dollars (approximately 890 thousand euro) in this category. The highest prices are in Monaco, here you can buy a 16-square-meter studio apartment for this money, and a square meter’s worth is 55 thousand euro. This number is 22 square meters in Hong Kong, 177 in Cape Town and 200 square meters in...