The attractive new choice: Hungary Golden Visa
April 22nd, 2024

The attractive new choice: Hungary Golden Visa

Real estate investment has reached unparalleled value today. With the onset of 2024, investors and their families can gain Hungarian residency for 10 years, offering them visa-free access to both the EU and Schengen zones.

Investors are presented with three distinct investment routes:

  • Real Estate Fund: A EUR 250,000 investment for five years, fully refundable.
  • Residential Purchase: Own a residential property worth at least EUR 500,000, maintained for five years.
  • Philanthropic Contribution: Donate EUR 1 million to support education, scientific research, or the arts.

Why opt for the HUNGARY GOLDEN VISA scheme?

The newly launched Hungarian Golden Visa, officially the "Guest Investor Residence Permit," provides a ten-year residency permit that can be perpetually renewed. This opportunity not only allows visa-free movement within the EU Schengen area but also offers the freedom to live in Hungary without a minimum stay requirement and exempts non-residents from tax liabilities. The approval process for applications is expedient, taking about 4 to 8 weeks.

Securing a Golden Visa through Property Investment:

Provide an attorney-endorsed sale and purchase contract for a residential property worth at least EUR 500,000. This property must be within Hungary's geographic boundaries and registered in the Hungarian Land Registry with its specific parcel identification or topographical lot number, free of any liens or encumbrances.

There are many questions related to this topic, such as whether it's possible to purchase one or multiple properties.

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